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Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Webinar

Listen to our webinar to learn how Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI), can maximise your talent acquisition and management strategies.

We often hear that Robotics & AI are set to change the world we work, and live in - beyond recognition. There is now an abundance of information circulating about the impending tech invasion that it’s hard to decipher exactly what it all means and, more importantly, how it will actually impact us as talent professionals. 

Wish someone would break down Robotics & AI into layman's terms, from the realm of recruitment and HR? Perhaps provide a few case studies of Digital Transformation in action? You’re in luck! We dedicated a whole webinar to just that.

Our experts discussed...

Lifting the Lid       
What exactly are Robotics & Artificial Intelligence? 
The Impending Digital Transformation    
The actual what, when, where and why.
Candidate Experience
How to be less Arnie and more Wall-E.
Back to the Future
In what ways are these innovations altering the future of talent acquisition and management?



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