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Candidate Experience Insights from Consumer World Webinar

Nina Bosco, our Head of Analytics Consulting, and Hardeep Johal, Vice President of Innovation at Rant & Rave, discuss how to apply best practice from the consumer world to candidate experience insight.

A person walks through the door, calls, or visits the website of our business. We roll out the red carpet, giving this customer the best experience possible. We also get and review their feedback, identifying and then addressing any issues.

After all, we know the financial consequences of giving a customer a bad experience.

But does the customer from yesterday get an exquisite experience when they apply to work for us today? There's a good chance we don't have enough data to answer this question.

Moreover, if we wanted to transform our candidate experience, how would we do this without knowledge about what’s going well and what’s going badly?

They’re one person, yet their interactions with our company as customers vs. as candidates can be dramatically different experiences.

Our experts discuss...

Poor Candidate Experience, Poor Company
Candidates can be current or future consumers. What are we losing when we don't provide a great experience? What do we gain if a candidate has a great experience?
Distortion-Free Feedback and Measurement
Exploring how to track metrics without ignoring the voices of our candidates
Consumer-Grade Insight, Consumer-Grade Experience
Best practice for candidate experience insight which enables us to deliver an experience that feels like a customer experience


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