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Brand and Employer Value Proposition Webinar

Jim Sykes and Liz Weeks discuss how to effectively manage your Brand and Employer Value Proposition, and case study the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences sector, an industry notorious for having a saturated message in the candidate market.

Given the number of ways a candidate can now interact with a business, whether it be on a company website, social media, or a multitude of other online and offline channels, communicating your brand accurately at all touch points has become increasingly challenging.

On the upside, it's become much easier to expose your brand to candidates. But how do you ensure you do this in a targeted, effective way?

Our experts discuss..

Branding 101
Is your perception of your brand a candidate's reality?
Your Unique Value Proposition
How to find it and make it work.
The Candidate/Consumer Overlap
A lesson in creating a consumer grade experience.
Appealing to the Masses
Attracting, engaging and retaining candidates for every business function.



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