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Making the Business Case for Assessment | Webinar

Kirstin Schulz, Head of Assessment Consulting, shares best practice approaches to Assessment, while addressing how you can get Assessment on the table for discussion with business leaders.

As the competition for great talent intensifies, it's become increasingly important to get every hiring decision right. But getting the business to recognize that Assessment is about much more than "just" psychometric evaluation is far more difficult.

Assessment touches on almost everything related to HR - from how you encourage self-selection to how your business conducts the interview process. It impacts your internal mobility and diversity programmes, your succession planning, and your talent development initiatives.

Our experts discussed..

A Different Assessment Landscape
Greater complexities and changing candidate and business expectations
Planning Your Strategy
How to create an Assessment strategy in the face of complex and changing Talent Acquisition / HR priorities
The Road Ahead
How to move from quick wins to longer-term roadmaps and what it takes to monitor the ROI of your Assessment strategy 


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