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Candidate Tools and trends in 2017 Webinar

Are we listening to our candidates? Tools and trends in 2017

Listen to our first APAC webinar to learn about key innovations in Technology which enhance candidate experience.

  • 91% of talent acquisition leaders believe that candidate experience impacts quality of hire, yet only 42% of organisations measure candidate experience in any way1
  • New hires who report a positive candidate experience apply 15% more discretionary effort and are 38% more likely to stay with the organisation2
  • 72% will broadcast a poor experience either online or to some they know3

Our first APAC webinar, hosted by Joy Koh, Head of Technology & Operations Consulting APAC and Andy McDaid, Consulting Lead APAC, as they highlighted and explored the most up-to-date and innovative insights into how to utilise real-time candidate evaluation and the new breed of ATS to deliver authentic and positive experience to APAC candidates.

1 Changeboard Candidate Experience Research 2016
2 CEB,2015
3 Futureworkplace research April 2016


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