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Apprenticeship Levy | The Big Discussion Webinar

Tim Campbell, our Head of Client Services, Emerging Talent and Sue Husband, Director of the National Apprenticeship Service, Skills Funding Agency, discuss the Apprenticeship Levy.

We know the Levy will alter the market place beyond recognition, and that you likely still have many questions around how this government initiative will affect not only your Emerging Talent strategy but wider workforce planning.

Alexander Mann Solutions invites you to join Tim Campbell and Sue Husband to discuss the opportunities and challenges posed by the Apprenticeship Levy which commenced Thursday 6 April 2017.

Sharing with you key insights from our Apprenticeship Levy White Paper, as well as receiving government insights, to address your unanswered questions,  we'll explore how you can best focus your efforts to capitalise on the Levy, and take advantage of the opportunity to shape and direct the ever changing Talent landscape.


Our experts discussed...

The Apprenticeship Levy
- How did it come about?
- Where is the Levy now?
- The Apprenticeship Levy White Paper
- Our research into the Levy
Your Questions
- Achieving Return on Investment
- Industry Standards
- The Contingent Workforce
- Degree Apprenticeships


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