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2017 | Tech in Talent is King Webinar

Listen to our webinar to learn about key innovations in Technology affecting your talent strategy.

Our webinar, hosted by Laurie Padua, our Director of Technology and Operations Consulting and Erica Titchener, our Head of Technology Consulting explored the big 2017 trends affecting talent acquisition this year.  

There is no question that progressive technology is integral to a streamlined, competitive and successful talent acquisition strategy. Laurie and Erica, our talent technology experts highlighted the most up-to-date and innovative insights into how key technology trends will impact your business's talent efforts in 2017. 

Our experts discussed...

Real-time Candidate Evaluation     
Are your organisations Candidate's smiling?
Digital Interviews & Online Assessment  
Go online or go home.
Tech & the Gig Economy
What will – or should – we learn from the Millennial generation?
The Evolution of the ATS
Are you prepared for the impending market disruptions?
(PS: They’re already here).
Mobile Apply
Go mobile, or fall forever behind.

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