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The Hive

The Hive

Revolutionising the way we partner with tech in talent

With so much happening around new technology in the talent acquisition industry, keeping up with it all can be overwhelming. Navigate the noise and the complexities in the HR technology and talent acquisition landscape. Introducing – The Hive.

At Alexander Mann Solutions, we continuously research the market to find the latest and greatest partners globally. We’re committed to helping our clients find the best possible technology solution to transform how they attract, retain, and develop talent. As an extension of that commitment, we’ve created The Hive.

Hive stands for Help, Innovate, Validate, Execute, and it exists as a digital gateway to help our clients understand the art of what is possible through effective use of technology.

How can The Hive help?

Understand the available technology and how it can help
Touch and feel technology offerings through lab sessions
Implement new technology with a seamless contracting process.

Register your interest in The Hive and get in contact with Pag Miles, our Global Head of Partnerships, for further information.

The Hive Featured Partner
Each month we feature one of our Hive partners. Though we could go into depth about what makes each one of them stand out, the Featured Partner profile gives you a snapshot of who they are, what they do, and what Alexander Mann Solutions views as their biggest strength.

Contact us to learn more.

Pocket Recruiter Featured Partner
Previous Featured Partners
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RoboRecruiter—Featured July 15-Aug 15, 2020

RoboRecruiter Featured Partner
Altru—Featured June 15-July 15, 2020

Altru Featured Partner

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