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Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Channeling TMT talent

Of all the challenges that Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) companies face, attracting and retaining the best talent tops the list. That's not just our opinion. PwC canvassed nearly 400 C-level executives in 2014, to find out which barriers inhibit innovation in TMT companies. When asked what concerned them most, they replied that finding and retaining the best talent was their biggest challenge.

We live in a knowledge economy. Content-rich, technology-driven, on-demand and mobile. To succeed in this business environment you need talented people. People to produce compelling content. People to develop technology that makes life easier, and skilled people to create and build devices that customers line up to buy on launch day.

Our talent acquisition and management experts bring expertise from a wide spectrum of companies in the TMT sector. Leading brands like Atos, Emulex, Microsoft and Vodafone trust us to deliver various talent management solutions. From Emerging Talent identification and acquisition programmes, through to targeted searches for key roles in sales, product development and other strategic positions.

Expert express

We know that TMT is a fast-moving industry. You need highly specialised talent and you need it now because your competitors are seeking new and innovative solutions of their own. That's why our talent acquisition solutions can be deployed quickly and effectively.

Our solutions are customised to your organisation, culture and its position in the market - a start-up's employee value proposition is usually very different to that of a FTSE 100 blue chip organisation's.

Attracting and retaining the best

While the PwC survey presents a challenging environment, it also presents opportunity. TMT is a hotbed of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. This can lead talent to seek alternative styles of working environments. We pay attention to what’s happening. Not just in your organisation but across your sector. This overview means we can take advantage of these kinds of market dynamics.


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Alexander Mann Solutions used an innovative 'in-sourcing' model to enhance a major telecommunications company’s executive talent sourcing at a transparent and manageable rate.

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A global technology solution from Alexander Mann Solutions creates an efficient hiring process for Avis and increases interview response rates to 45%.

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Alexander Mann Solutions turned what graduate candidates didn't know about Atos into a positive engagement message, through an engaging branded game.

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