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Retail Banking & Insurance

Retail Banking & Insurance

Talent that delivers value

Regulatory and compliance needs, coupled with the demands of omnichannel customer service, present unique talent acquisition and management challenges in the Retail Banking and Insurance industry. Our true global delivery capabilities, extensive experience in the sector and expertise with candidates at all stages of the talent lifecycle - enable us to deliver immense value for our retail bank and insurance provider clients.

We're proud to say that retail banking and insurance is the largest sector served by Alexander Mann Solutions. Our 15 years of expertise and global track record are evident in our repeat business with clients and agreements that typically span five to seven years. However, we understand that the sector does not stand still.

Changing talent needs in retail banking and insurance

Technology and service innovation are key drivers of change in Retail Banking and Insurance. Customers, for instance, are increasingly demanding an omnichannel service with greater personalisation. Whether that's in branch, online, by phone, by mobile, through third parties or in any combination of these channels. For talent acquisition this typically means:

  • Engaging with new specialist talent pools (e.g. digital and analytics skills) to meet changing business models
  • Creating agile assessment models to predict customer service and values
  • Access to enhanced talent analytics
  • Strong governance models to ensure regulatory compliance

Fortunately, we have the tools, technology and resourcing models in place to address these points for our clients. We know that the early in career generations have different priorities than to their predecessors. They want to make a positive contribution to society. And they want flexibility, autonomy and fast moving careers.

Our innovations enable us to deliver tailored employer brand experiences that attract, engage and retain your talent. Our direct sourcing solutions provide true global delivery capability with regional nuance. We can scale quickly and flexibly to include on-shore, near-shore and off-shore services as your needs require.


Case Study: End-to-end programme for a leading bank

A unique outsourced workforce solution from Alexander Mann Solutions delivered £2.8 million in cost savings through an on-site and off-site delivery model.

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Case Study: Creating a careers website for the Royal Bank of Scotland

As one of the best known names in UK banking, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) partnered with Alexander Mann Solutions to re-establish its position as an employer of choice. Part of our solution was a responsive careers website that emphasises the unique opportunities our client offers through its six brands.

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