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Solving the retail talent challenge

Retailers are facing unprecedented disruption to their traditional business models. Today’s consumer is empowered like never before - armed with customer service reviews from social media and real-time price comparisons from mobile devices. And omnichannel commerce, global shipping and 24-7 access mean customers can buy virtually anything they want-from any retailer they choose-instantly.

Securing the best talent is vitally important for success in this fast-changing retail world. Your employees really are the face of your brand, so you must ensure you hire and retain talent that can service and sell to today’s demanding customers.

Retail's unique talent requirements

We understand the talent implications that retailers face. Especially as they adapt to the new reality of omnichannel commerce.

Front-line retail roles might be large volume, repeatable positions, however they are now far more complex. We know you need candidates with a broader range of specialist skills in order to be truly effective. We also understand the implications of significantly higher turnover in these positions, compared to professional and specialist roles.

But it’s about much more than hiring good people to work in your stores or staff your service centres. People behind the scenes are important too. You need a talented team of marketers, financial experts, accountants, technology experts and even real estate specialists in order to be successful. And you’re competing for them with organisations from outside your industry.

Cost-effective solutions for retailers

Retailers that face low margins and increasing competition are looking for cost-effective, highly impactful talent aquisitionsolutions. Here we have extensive experience . Here at Alexander Mann Solutions we work with a wide range of companies in the retail sector including Sainsbury’s, one of the world’s largest grocery chains, and Nike’s retail operations in North America, Europe and China.

Our services range from attracting, engaging and securing talent for high-volume positions, through to conducting targeted searches for experienced professionals in corporate and strategic roles.


Case Study: Project RPO for large retailer

Learn how a large retailer used resourcing augmentation services from Alexander Mann Solutions to counter high levels of attrition and open new stores fast.

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