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Business & Professional Services

Business & Professional Services

Acquiring the best of the best

Few industries feature such fierce competition for top performers as Professional Services. If you’re looking to attract or retain in this arena - for management consultants, law and accounting firms - the war for talent is one you'll fight every single day. Be vigilant. Look for your edge to attract the kinds of people who can help you deliver the promises you make to clients.

Several of the world’s leading Professional and Business Services firms partner with us, both as outsourced talent acquisition partner and as consultant. Our clients include Deloitte, the world’s largest professional services firm, and Freshfields, the multinational law firm headquartered in London.

More than mere talent

We know that, like any Professional Services organisation, you need employees with domain expertise. But you’re looking for more. For experienced hires you need people who can create solutions that address your clients’ toughest business challenges. You need people who are just as good at selling work as they are at leading a team to deliver it. You need thought leaders whose personal brands complement your corporate identity. Our executive talent services find the kinds of business leaders that can drive your organisation’s growth strategies.

Then there are your partners. You need to find, attract and hire the next generation of principals. We work with clients to build robust campus acquisition strategies that deliver the brightest, most motivated young minds.

The best, most successful firms in this sector - the firms that score highest on Glassdoor and Vault - are the ones that create a strong employer brand. Every firm strives to create an identity that sets them apart from their competitors, one that promises an exciting, rewarding career.

Retaining key people - and clients

While attracting great talent is one challenge, holding onto it is yet another. High performers are a prized commodity. Losing them to a competitor often creates a damaging ripple effect as people and sometimes clients, follow. While basics such as compensation and cultural fit continue to play a part, there are ways that professional services firms can improve retention efforts. One way is through creative and employee-driven mobility programmes. We are known for our approach to talent management, and believe the experience for existing employees should be just as exceptional as it is for external candidates, whether they are looking for a career move or not.

Wherever your talent challenges lie, we have the experience, expertise and insight to help you thrive in this competitive landscape.


Case Study: Renumeration benchmarking for a financial services firm

A global financial services firm came to us with a problem. They were having difficulty attracting compliance and risk professionals and suspected that the remuneration they offered was a factor in this. However, our client only had anecdotal information to support this hypothesis.

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Case Study: Talent Mapping - a magic circle law firm

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