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Investment Banking

Investment Banking

Leading the competition

The Investment Banking sector has exacting talent requirements, with a hyper competitive talent landscape to match. Whether it's meeting diversity and inclusion targets or attracting the top emerging candidates - we support our client’s talent acquisition and management in the face of volatile financial markets. We ensure candidates are kept engaged throughout the sector's rigorous security screening processes.

With extensive expertise and a track record delivering value for global investment banks, we understand the many challenges you face in talent acquisition and management.

New generations and diverse workforces

Attracting talent from the upcoming Millennial generation is a hot topic in Investment Banking, across the entire talent lifecycle. They have different priorities to their predecessors. They want to make positive contributions to society through their work and also enjoy a flexible, autonomous and fast moving career. Yet they also must fit within your existing workplace and structures.

Ensuring diversity and inclusion, specifically of women and minority groups, is another key objective for talent managers in Investment Banking. We have proven capabilities in mapping and benchmarking across the world, enabling strategic decision making and acquisition planning.

Global experience at all levels

We understand the global landscape of this sector - and we appreciate its nuances on a regional basis. As such, we've developed expertise in sourcing at all levels. With talent acquisition and management solutions that can scale and fluctuate in response to volatile financial markets.

In many cases investment banks face talent, regulatory and compliance issues that are similar to those faced by companies across the wider financial industry. Our experience helping such peers can also prove invaluable for your talent acquisition strategies. We support clients across the globe, with a focus on USA, APAC and EMEA, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, and Citi.

Our strategic approach means we can act as an outsourcing partner, a consultancy provider or any combination of both to suit your talent acquisition and management needs. Our true global delivery capability - delivered flexibly onsite, nearby and offshore - means we can scale quickly to meet changes in your market.


Case Study: Graduate acquisition for Citi

Citi appointed Alexander Mann Solutions to support Analyst and Associate attraction, hiring and development across EMEA in an onsite and offshore programme.

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Case Study: Renumeration benchmarking for a financial services firm

A global financial services firm came to us with a problem. They were having difficulty attracting compliance and risk professionals and suspected that the remuneration they offered was a factor in this. However, our client only had anecdotal information to support this hypothesis.

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