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Defence, Engineering & Manufacturing

Defence, Engineering & Manufacturing

Powering your talent success

As the global economic recovery takes hold, the demand for talent is being felt acutely in the Defence, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors. As generations of highly specialised professionals in these industries begin to reach retirement age, fewer people with the necessary skills are available to take their place.

This lack of talent has a measurable impact. In the United States, for example, a study by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute found that six out of ten open skilled production positions are unfilled due to the talent shortage. And the highest skilled positions - engineers, scientists and researchers - can take upwards of 94 days to fill.

Sourcing for a skills gap

Supply and demand is at the heart of the challenge, with far-reaching consequences. We expect to see an increased focus on global mobility as many organisations seek to source talent internationally. We also believe that many workers in these sectors will continue to work beyond their retirement years on a contract or freelance basis.

Government and educational leaders are already under pressure to fill the skills gap with an increased emphasis on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education. The next generation of workers, however, are very different from those who occupy their seats today. Like Generation Y and Millennial workers in other sectors, they’re seeking fast-moving, flexible careers that give them a sense of autonomy and align with their personal values.

Industry nuances

We have a strong track record of delivering value to companies across multiple industry segments. From Defence and Engineering giants, such as BAE Systems, Cobham and Rolls-Royce, to highly specialised research, manufacturing and distribution companies like Clariant and RS Components.

Central to this is our understanding of the nuances of talent acquisition. In a highly specialised industry such as Defence for example, prospective employees must not merely possess the right skills but clear rigorous security screening.

Consulting and outsourcing services

Whatever the scope of work, our overarching goal at Alexander Mann Solutions is here to partner with clients to optimise their peoples’ contributions; anticipate the talent landscape of tomorrow; and position them as an employer of choice. We serve as outsourcing partners across the entire talent acquisition and management lifecycle. We serve as consultants on very specific challenges, such as building employer value propositions and outreach campaigns.

The dynamics of Defence,Engineering and Manufacturing present both challenge and opportunity. Organisations will be forced to consider a ‘total talent’ solution that includes permanent staff working alongside contractors and consultants. They’ll need to reduce time-to-competence through robust training and development programmes. Companies will also have to work harder to engage and retain their best emerging talent. But, for all its challenges, this generational shift promises to bring new ideas to an industry that lives for innovation.


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