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Recruitment Outsourcing | Adapting for the Future

Outsourcing as a lever for recovery, resiliency and growth. 

While the pandemic crisis is far from over, most organisations are starting to think about the future and the impact the crisis has had on their business. As they look to some form of recovery – and a return to growth – they will naturally begin to consider their workforce strategy and whether their talent acquisition function is fit for what lies ahead.  

For some companies the examination of their talent acquisition strategy will focus on shifting from fixed recruitment costs to a variable cost model that can flex with market conditions. 

For others their attention will be on what they require to ramp back up for growth, whether that is flexibility and scalability for their teams, or specific recruitment expertise that they don’t currently have. 

In all of these cases, outsourcing part (or all) of talent acquisition can be a lever for recovery, resiliency and growth.  

In this series of blogs, Adapting for the Future, we will share insights and examples of how outsourcing talent acquisition can provide flexibility and scalability, reduce costs and mitigate risks, and support critical initiatives, such as diversity and inclusion, and internal mobility.   


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