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Scalable models that add capability

A dedicated sourcing function is one of the most critical success factors for hiring the best talent in the marketplace. An essential part of our full process RPO model, we also provide sourcing as a standalone service for our clients enabling your own in-house team to access sourcing capability that leverages the latest techniques and channels. Optimise how you target active and passive candidates for live roles and your talent pipeline.

For over 10 years, sourcing has been a specialised role within our RPO models, delivering the very best direct sourcing outcomes. We continuously invest in our capability across the world - from redesigning sourcing career paths to embedding sourcing accreditation programmes which ensures our sourcers are absolutely the best in the industry.

Process and performance management excellence

All of our soucing models benefit from our distinctive design. Whether it's implementing the right process hand-offs between talent acquisition staff and sourcers or developing sourcer performance objectives that align with relevant hiring outcomes, our sourcing capability is world class.

The talent we source is always yours, as we have no staffing agency business. You own any candidate that we identify, whether you choose to hire them or not. This enables you to build a sustainable high value talent pool.

Sourcing models that fit your requirements

Today, we have over 750 sourcers working for clients in every corner of the globe.

For some clients, we implement and manage a multi-year outsourced sourcing service where we create a dedicated and client-branded sourcing team. Based typically in our Client Service Centres, this team takes ownership for all sourcing across all hiring areas. We typically use our client's Applicant Tracking System, with the option to bolt on specific sourcing and customer relationship management (CRM) technologies to improve outputs.

We also deliver the innovative and award winning SourceCloud™ solution. This flexible service enables clients to access sourcing capability only when they need it. Working with resources based in our Client Service Centres, these sourcers are trained to use your brand as they funnel all candidates into your recruitment system.

Finally, some clients choose our Resourcing Augmentation service. Here we add our trained and expert sourcers to your teams, where your recruitment managers can manage their performance.



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