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Making mobility work better

Today’s most talented workers follow opportunities on their own terms. Wherever they are and whoever is offering them. Companies which fail to provide opportunities for growth and variety will be disadvantaged when it comes to acquiring and retaining high performing talent. How personal is your internal mobility programme?

Internal mobility is all about aligning employees’ career aspirations with an organisations’ dynamic talent needs. Forward-looking companies place mobility at the heart of their HR strategy. They provide ample opportunity for high performers to change functional responsibilities, move among lines of business or seek opportunities in other parts of the world.

We believe that employees must be at the heart of this principle. Our personalised mobility services enable organisations to retain the talent they've fought hard to attract - and invested in. Our core belief is that the experience for internal colleagues should be just as exceptional as it is for external candidates, whether a colleague is actively looking to make a move or not.

Internal mobility

The future of mobility must be personal and cater to employees’ personal preferences. It should be data-driven and dynamic. It must account for employees’ life events, whether that's a need for part-time working, job-sharing or other early-in-career or late-in-career options. And it should take into account the growing shift towards contingent workforce management programmes and other temporary or contract work arrangements.

We provide internal mobility solutions that are integrate into the strategic workforce needs of your business. Employees can be tagged with specific skills & preferences that help to build an individual profile - as well as an internal talent pool database. Then, when opportunities arise, matched employees receive an alert so they can apply, register their interest or share the position with someone else. The employee is matched relative to their preferences & skills making the process is more personal.

Measurable cost savings

Behind the scenes, data is collected to paint a picture of your mobility programme. This helps you to understand attrition rates - both actual and predictive - especially among your top performers. And it quantifies the cost savings that come from sourcing talent internally rather than externally.

Ideally, mobility should make it easy for managers and talent acquisition professionals to drive the right talent into the right role as quickly and effectively as possible.


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