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Enterprise RPO

Enterprise RPO

End-to-end outsourcing

Fully outsource your talent acquisition function with our Enterprise RPO solution. We design a targeted service delivery model tailored to your specific business requirements, technology infrastructure and preferred approach to talent acquisition. You gain the benefits of our ability to leverage technology and source talent from multiple channels and a long-term sustainable operating model, processes, analytic suites and a qualified, engaged talent community.

Our distinctive Enterprise RPO solutions are designed to provide full end-to-end talent acquisition capabilities, typically covering external and internal hiring needs. For clients with complex hiring requirements - whether in one country or more - Enterprise RPO offers an impactful, agile and scalable delivery model.

We work with you to design this model so it is tailored to the specific talent challenges and business objectives that you face. We embed our talented and highly trained experts in your offices. And we support them with dedicated and fully scalable teams based off-site in our Global Client Service Centres. These teams are comprised of specialists in sourcing, interviewing and screening, administration and business intelligence.

Technology for strategic talent acquisition and management

Technology always plays an enabling role in our solutions. Whether you need us to configure and optimise your existing infrastructure or to implement new technology - such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems - we can help you achieve your business outcomes.

Analytics and insights services are delivered by our Strategic Workforce Planning programme, ensuring that we are always ahead of the curve. For enterprises this means we can accurately measure performance and provide insights for your future talent strategy.

Right implementation and right commercial model

The right implementation is crucial. We will never cut corners when implementing Enterprise RPO because our experience has shown this is critical to the long term success of any solution. So our team of implementation experts ensure they drive a transformation programme that starts in the right way.

Our commercial frameworks for Enterprise RPO are tailored to your needs and we work with you to develop a commercial model which is aligned to the way your organisation budgets for talent acquisition.



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