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Flexible Workforce

Flexible Workforce

Successfully manage contingent workers

Talent is at the heart of what drives organisational success. Find the right formula and you can set yourself up to be a market leader. Get it wrong, however, and your competitors will leave you behind. More and more, the right formula is a blend of permanent and contingent workers. Ardent Partners predict that 45% of the total corporate workforce will be considered non-employee, contingent or contract-based by 2017.

Flexible workforces without the complexity 
Contingent workforces help organisations scale and flex by providing additional capacity exactly when it's needed. Managing such a flexible workforce threatens to be highly complex. It doesn't have to be this way.

We display unrivalled expertise in benchmarking, forecasting and sourcing across the entire talent landscape. As a leader in talent acquisition and management services, we have deep experience in both worlds - in direct, permanent hire recruiting and in Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS). Our proven methodology is continually developed and refined, as we use it to help organisations manage their contingent worker populations. 

By working with multiple functions across your business, we learn exactly how many contingent workers are currently in the organisation and develop a detailed map of contractors throughout your enterprise. 

We align this current contractor map with your forecast hiring needs. This helps us to identify opportunities to optimise the quantity, categorisation and cost of your workforce. You gain an understanding of the current, actual cost of your contingent workforce - including hidden costs such as agency and vendor costs, contract management, worker sourcing and one-off expenses.

Solutions for Managing a Flexible Workforce
Complex organisations often use multiple staffing agencies to supply contingent workers. Proactively managing this group can reap significant benefits. We can execute supplier reviews, create preferred supplier lists and suggest alternative suppliers that have delivered better, more cost effective results for clients. And if you’re considering vendor management system (VMS) technologies to enable greater process efficiencies, we can help you select and implement a system that works best for you.

The global regulatory and legislative landscape is complex and changes frequently. We also help you manage and minimise risk here by ensuring you’re fully compliant across every part of the business, wherever you operate in the world.

Because we’re not a staffing agency we’re not bound to any one technology platform. We view talent holistically, blending the best parts of a vendor-neutral service with direct-to-market sourcing. Our approach can work for any organisation -even if you already have an established managed service provider (MSP) programme.

Our goal is the same as yours - to help you find, acquire, manage and retain the right mix of talent that meets your strategic needs. 



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