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ul. Puszkarska 7f

t: +48 12 290 7800
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Alexander Mann Solutions in Kraków

Alexander Mann Solutions’ Global Client Service Centre (GCSC) in Krakow has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and now numbers over 800 people supporting 45 clients in recruitment, sourcing and recruitment administration.

Krakow is our centre of expertise for Central and Eastern European recruitment, with services delivered in 14 languages to 24 locations across EMEA. From sourcing niche roles, to delivering some of our most innovative solutions, Krakow uses its scope with distinction. For eight consecutive years, the Centre has been recognised with the Investor in Human Capital award - the foremost countrywide certification programme for employers.

Office facts:

  • Over 800 talented people
  • Opened in 2005 and currently our largest service centre
  • Clients include Citi, GE, Deloitte, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Novartis, Atos, Sanofi, Santander, Statoil, Medtronic
  • Partnership with numerous charitable organisations including Szlachetna Paczka, Czyste Góry, area Animal Shelters and more



  • Access to a significant, multilingual talent pool
  • Second largest city in Poland, boasting a special economic zone (Krakow Technological Park)
  • Four enterprise incubators, and seven higher economics schools, with an ideal mix of business innovation and history
  • Known as Poland’s cultural capital


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