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1301 E 9th Street. Suite 1200
OH 44114
United States of America

t: (216) 336-6878
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Alexander Mann Solutions in Cleveland

Let our dedicated team introduce you to Ohio’s incredible pool of talented people and enhance your organisation’s talent management. We have access to industry leaders, diverse and virtual workforces and graduates from more than 172 colleges.

We blend local knowledge with advanced global best practice to deliver the very best outcomes for each client. Ask our Cleveland team about their customised solutions, Flexible Shared Services (including on, off and near-shore delivery options), exceptional training and graduate development programs.

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Cleveland office facts

Office facts:

  • 150+ employees
  • Opened in mid-2012
  • Partnership with local colleges and universities
  • Member of the Greater Cleveland Partnership
  • Five time Northcoast 99 “best places to work” award recipient
  • Regional Client Service Center for Clients including Credit Suisse, Rolls Royce, Nike, GE, Energizer
  • Charity of choice – United Service Organizations (USO)

Services Offered:

Regional facts:

  • Talent Market – 44% of the U.S. population and 43% of the Canadian population are within 800 km
  • Diverse Culture – 116 nationalities live in Greater Cleveland area
  • Strong Graduate Pool – 172 colleges within 320 km

Regional trends:

  • Virtual Workforce
  • Mobile Recruiting
  • Veteran Engagement - Diversity and Inclusion
  • Immigration – Technology skill sets and aging workforce

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