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Realise your team's full hiring potential

You’ve built the best talent acquisition team in your industry. They’re working well together and delivering value to the business. You’re constantly on the look-out for new tools that can make them more effective. But sometimes, knowing what to use - and how to best use it - is easier said than done. Training consultancy helps ensure your organisation remains an employer of choice.

We're constantly fine-tuning our knowledge of the latest innovations in talent acquisition and management. We live and breathe the talent business every day - with hundreds of outsourcing and consulting engagements in our portfolio - so we have to stay on top of our own training.Therefore we offer a full range of training programmes, helping your teams get the most from the latest tools, technologies and techniques.

Our trainers are recruiting professionals themselves. They speak your language and they’ve sat in your chair. This ensures our training is delivered in a way that is most relevant for you - and for the job you do every day.

Technology training

For us, technology training is more than just sharing knowledge. We approach it with the goal of helping you minimise the frustration of early adoption, generate an immediate return from your investments, and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Our pragmatic approach is optimised by team and geography, delivered through face-to-face workshops or the best in online learning platforms. And our training programmes use real-life scenarios, facilitated discussions and draw on shared personal experiences.

Talent business skills

Beyond technical training we provide education on soft skills and operational topics, such as writing effective job advertisements, sourcing, candidate care, social media recruiting and partnering with hiring managers effectively.

We also aim to embed a learning culture in your organisation. We can design and deliver bespoke content to fit your needs and our follow-up discussion and coaching groups can ensure you sustain the benefits of learning.  Finally, our 'train the trainer' programmes can equip your people with the tools they need to carry the training baton.

Case Study: Implementing technology for a global energy client

A global energy client used Alexander Mann Solutions to integrate CRM into their existing PeopleFluent system without disrupting other services.

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