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Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning

See your future hiring needs

What does your workforce need to look like next year? Strategic planning is a normal part of running any organisation. But in today’s fast-changing world, envisioning even six months ahead can be a huge challenge. Get it wrong and you could find yourself missing out on important market opportunities or failing to meet customer and investor expectations.

We designed our strategic workforce planning offerings to help you predict the impact business decisions have on your staffing needs - before they happen. Our aim is to ensure you have an adaptable workforce that can meet the demands of all your stakeholders. It’s all about making sure you have people with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. So how do we do this?

Scenario-based planning

Our analysts and hiring experts take a comprehensive, data-driven approach to every engagement. We look at your organisation’s business strategy, external market data, your workforce profile and the projected impact of demographic shifts in key organisational roles. From here we can build scenarios for your future talent needs. These can include gap analysis, resource analysis, work alignment and business analysis - including potential financial implications.

You're not in it alone. Our consultants work with you to formulate a plan for the future. Sometimes this means developing a strategic hiring plan. Or it could mean re-calibrating your existing workforce by modeling the skills and competencies your future business will require.

A platform for your future

We use our Insight platform to turn fine thoughts into action. Our proprietary planning tool enables detailed future resource mapping - against strategic resource requirements, budgets and resourcing plans. We configure the tool to carefully meet each client’s individual needs, with a user-friendly web-based interface that enables you to review or update things from virtually anywhere.

Our recommendations and solutions are always tailored to your unique needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and nor should you! They're also not all about external talent acquisition, either. Sometimes the best strategy is to discover the skills that exist internally and then move the resources already at your disposal to better match the business challenges you face.

We’ve designed and implemented strategic workforce plans for leading organisations across multiple sectors. Our objectives are the same as yours - to help you build a successful talent foundation upon which your business can excel.

Case Study: McDonald's | Technology-led, voice-activated job search

After losing candidates to others who could hire faster, McDonald’s wanted to extend their reputation for innovation and convenience into the hiring process and genuinely connect with candidates—fast. Their goal was to work with our technology consulting team to become the first to offer voice activated job search.

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Case Study: Santander | Digital Attraction & Social Mobility

Working in partnership with our consulting experts, Santander UK has improved their social mobility index ranking, alleviated bias through blind assessments and told authentic stories of diverse talent via new attraction campaigns. This exciting work with Santander earned the “Best Early Careers Initiative” TIARA 2020 award. Read the case study.

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Case Study: Attracting graduates for Atos

Alexander Mann Solutions turned what graduate candidates didn't know about Atos into a positive engagement message, through an engaging branded game.

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Case Study: Redeployment for Cobham

In the project's first year Alexander Mann Solutions successfully redeployed approximately 530 employees, saving our client approximately £15 million.

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