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Insight & Analytics

Insight & Analytics

Turn your data into insights to inform both workforce and talent acquisition decisions

Gain full visibility of performance in your talent acquisition and management function and you can answer the right questions to inform your future strategy. Insights and analytics are essential to all of our outsourcing solutions. Now we can provide analytics and workforce insights for clients as a standalone consulting offering or managed service, enabled by our cutting-edge technology platform.

Our Insight & Analytics capability has three core components – recruitment analytics, talent analytics and workforce Insights – all delivered on a state-of-the-art, predictive analytics platform.

Recruitment Analytics

Learning from digital factories of the future, the ability to monitor performance inside your recruitment operation, real-time, is critical to improving performance. Intervening to drive out waste/cost, intervening to improve experience, in real-time, is vital. Our recruitment analytics service transforms the traditional reporting or Business Intelligence function – no more reporting on data from three months ago – no more intervening ‘just-too-late’ – let’s report on historical performance trends, yes, but also what’s happening now, this minute, and predict what our performance will be in three, six and 12 months time.

Talent Analytics

Here our team draws upon our significant talent acquisition and talent management experience globally, blending client and external data into predictive insights, to inform your strategic decisions:

  • How do I best answer the 'quality of hire' question?
  • Where are we using non-payroll workers and why? Do we have surplus internal capacity to match against any of this demand?
  • What is the correlation between our workforce, brand reputation and business performance?
  • How will attrition, retirement and future skill shortages shape our workforce of the future? And where will these surpluses or gaps be?

Workforce Insight

Our Workforce Insight is the blend of consulting and talent analytics to answer key strategic questions such as:

  • If you are a cinema chain then what recruiting, training, manager and engagement interventions drive popcorn sales?
  • If you are a retail bank how does your workforce (all categories of worker including freelance, part-time, job-share etc) line-up to customer demand for mortgage advice 7pm on a Saturday evening …or manage peak demand in a branch 4-6pm Wednesday to Friday?

We can consult with you in many ways. Bringing to life your vision for insight and analytics. How do you want to turn (internal and external) data into insights, in a secure environment? What insight do you need to inform your workforce and talent acquisition decisions?


Case Study: Creating a careers website for the Royal Bank of Scotland

As one of the best known names in UK banking, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) partnered with Alexander Mann Solutions to re-establish its position as an employer of choice. Part of our solution was a responsive careers website that emphasises the unique opportunities our client offers through its six brands.

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