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Research & Mapping

Research & Mapping

Pinpointing talent

Today’s global organisations operate in a wide variety of talent markets. Hiring an engineer in Mumbai is different from hiring an engineer in Manchester. The larger and more complex your organisation, the greater the challenge becomes.

To build a truly effective talent acquisition strategy you need to understand the finer points that drive talent dynamics. These are found in your industry, in the geographies where you operate and in the jobs for which you hire.

You need to know - precisely - how to attract a wide variety of people effectively, in numerous cultures and economies. You need to understand what your customers expect from your employees. You need to know how you stack up against your competitors so that you can become an employer of choice.

Extensive research services

Research and mapping services are a key part of our RPO client partnerships. As such, each service is highly customised to our client’s unique needs and specifications, and can include:
  • Succession planning and flight risk mitigation
  • Diversity planning
  • Candidate perception analysis
  • Market assessments
  • Competitor assessments
  • Micro-economic and macro-enconomic research
  • Demographics
  • Job and position titles

Global and local experts

Our professionals have deep experience in talent acquisition and management. Their expertise, combined with highly effective research tools, enable us to paint a detailed and accurate picture of your talent landscape. From this we are able to build a strategy to find the people you need. And, thanks to our presence in over 80 countries around the world, we can bring local market knowledge and insight to your unique solution.

Our services offer much more than just talent mapping. They enable you to make better-informed decisions that support your talent acquisition goals, reduce or mitigate risk and help realise your long-term business goals.
Case Study: Talent Mapping - a magic circle law firm

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