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Executive Talent

Executive Talent

Finding the leaders for today and tomorrow

Great companies are built when vision and execution come together to produce something special. For the vision, companies rely on attracting and retaining high performing executives. They look for seasoned professionals who make a positive, fundamental impact on business performance. They want people who not only see the destination, but can map the course and inspire others to follow.

Find the right people and you’ll succeed. Get it wrong and you may find yourself undoing generations of success. There’s really no room for error in today’s competitive climate.

Meeting each of your deliverables

Our Executive Talent team is dedicated to delivering programmes that assist in the acquisition, development and management of senior executives for strategic positions. We can integrate, embedding our teams to ensure that all senior hires are perfectly matched to your organisation's succession plan, its corporate objectives and - critically - its culture. Our support has helped clients reduce hiring times by up to 30% without sacrificing quality, and we work to pre-agreed time scales to ensure your expectations and business deadlines are always met.

We can provide global expertise on:

  • Identifying, approaching and hiring senior talent
  • Acquiring proven, strategic teams
  • Market mapping to identify a particular level or skillset across a market sector
  • Benchmarking and identifying trends and practices in your sector
  • Working across the globe to find and secure the right person for your role
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives at the executive level

Aligned with your needs

We are highly research-driven and specialise in global and often highly sensitive assignments. Our work is your work. You retain the intellectual capital generated through the search process, including the database of contacts generated.

Working with us can be less costly and more flexible than working with a traditional search firm. This makes us ideally suited to high-potential start-up companies or established organisations. We offer a transparent fee structure based on basic salary only. We do not have open-ended fee arrangements, and associated expenses are only charged if pre-agreed by the client.

A key difference is that we operate exclusively for our clients, and do not trade independently in the open market. We believe that our approach ensures a high degree of client attention, and makes certain we’re aligned with the holistic talent strategy we deliver across your enterprise.
Case Study: Executive sourcing for telecommunications company

Alexander Mann Solutions used an innovative 'in-sourcing' model to enhance a major telecommunications company’s executive talent sourcing at a transparent and manageable rate.

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