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Flexible Working

Flexible Working

Embedding genuine practice

Organisations choose to operationalise and embed flexible working into their business for numerous reasons. For some it's to enable an increase in the diversity of talent attracted and retained. For others the decision is driven by cost and property rationalisation, or a desire to future proof the organisation.

All of our clients are at different stages in their flexible working journey. What unites them is their struggle - despite significant efforts - to embed genuine and commercially viable flexible working practices, such as part-time and job sharing, across all areas and levels within their organisations.

Uniquely balanced flexible working services

We are the only talent acquisition and management organisation with the expertise to design and deliver flexible working programmes that result in adopted, accepted and embedded practice.

We passionately believe that flexible working can deliver significant benefits. However we also understand that some flexible working options simply won't work for certain roles or businesses - the implementation must, fundamentally, be commercially viable for a business. This philosophy is embedded in everything we do.

Truly embedding flexible working - with the requisite acceptance and adoption - requires a change in processes, practices, capabilities and behaviours. Many years of experience, practice and research have provided us with in-depth insights into the levers that enable this change. Our insights can be found in the “flexible working roadmap” we provide to enable you to define the change required, create an implementation roadmap and deliver immediate results.

Our flexible working support

  • Expert resource to operationalise the flexible working strategy to drive and deliver the change required
  • Business case development and senior leadership engagement
  • Current state diagnostic and implementation planning
  • Policies, process, toolkits, guidelines
  • Job design and role evaluation for flexible working
  • Training and capability development (managers, employees and HR)
  • Branding and attraction strategies and implementation
  • Flexible working resourcing programmes

Ask our contact for more information on operationalising flexible working in your organisation.


Case Study: McDonald's | Technology-led, voice-activated job search

After losing candidates to others who could hire faster, McDonald’s wanted to extend their reputation for innovation and convenience into the hiring process and genuinely connect with candidates—fast. Their goal was to work with our technology consulting team to become the first to offer voice activated job search.

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Case Study: Santander | Digital Attraction & Social Mobility

Working in partnership with our consulting experts, Santander UK has improved their social mobility index ranking, alleviated bias through blind assessments and told authentic stories of diverse talent via new attraction campaigns. This exciting work with Santander earned the “Best Early Careers Initiative” TIARA 2020 award. Read the case study.

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Case Study: Attracting graduates for Atos

Alexander Mann Solutions turned what graduate candidates didn't know about Atos into a positive engagement message, through an engaging branded game.

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Case Study: Redeployment for Cobham

In the project's first year Alexander Mann Solutions successfully redeployed approximately 530 employees, saving our client approximately £15 million.

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