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What's your number?

What's your number?

At Alexander Mann Solutions, we understand that effective talent acquisition and management can deliver real shareholder value.

And every day, around the world, our teams partner with their clients to do just that. Here are some of their numbers:

  • We've helped one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies reduce its staffing agency use by over 80%

  • We helped a multinational retail bank transform its talent acquisition model, cutting cost per hire by over $10,000 and increasing internal mobility by an additional 20% - saving the company nearly $120 million

  • For one of the world’s leading professional services firms, we’ve lowered its cost per hire by 66%

  • We’ve led contingent hiring across 26 UK sites for one of the top aerospace companies for almost a decade, managing the employment of 3,500+ contractors end-to-end, 96% of whom are hired via direct sourcing 

  • Filling the talent pool for a world-leading specialty chemical manufacturing company, we created a pipeline of over 4,000 qualified candidates ready for the next wave of volume hiring ahead of demand

  • We increased the direct sourcing of a major medical device company from 1% to 45%, with a verbal offer to acceptance rate for these generated candidates of 97%

  • At the world’s biggest athletic brand, we’ve delivered nearly 10,000 retail hires and counting across 17 countries, reducing time to offer by 40 days in the process

  • We helped a major American multinational technology company grow its female candidates by 400% in almost 50% of all requisitions

When talented people come together, they can do amazing things. Let’s talk about what we can do together. 

What’s your number?  

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