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Welcome to the age of No-shore

Onshore. Nearshore. Offshore. Welcome to the age of No-shore With so much debate on the value and appropriateness of the concept of on, near or offshore within the business world, it’s time to move on this debate. The ever present changes in the economy, the consumer landscape and demographic trends lead us to the era of No-shore, writes Jerry Collier, Global Client Development Director at Alexander Mann Solutions.

The world has never been smaller, with the ongoing digital and information revolution ushering in a new era of global networking and always on access to information at the press of a fingertip. But this revolution is also accompanied by the ever-increasing demand for instant gratification and impeccable service from the consumer. As the world starts to talk about whether Amazon will become a verb indicating impeccable customer service as Google is for information searching, the expectations of brands from all forms of consumers, from product and service to employment (candidates, employees and alumni) are exacting.

To meet these ever increasing expectations over the last decade, many organisations have embraced a combination of the latest consumer facing technologies with an increasing offshoring of their consumer service operations to secure greater flexibility, scale as well as profits. While the world agrees technology is key, there is a continual debate about the economic, political and social benefits and disadvantage of offshoring and, in many senses, we’ve witnessed an increased appetite for onshoring again.

However, in our opinion, this debate is outdated. In this digital and information revolution, we need to shift our thinking to the concept of the No-shore, where work tasks are completed where they can deliver the greatest quality for the most appropriate balanced economic benefit to sate the consumers’ expectations. Evidently, technology has to be at the heart of this.

In the talent acquisition and management marketplace that Alexander Mann Solutions operate in, we believe that this concept is the future. The talent, whether current employed or targeted to be hired, is as demanding as a consumer of products. We believe adhering to the core principles of the No-shore concept will enable organisations to become ever more agile with their engagements with this talent, while also ensuring a differentiated and distinct experience is delivered.

Step back and consider the contrast of the experience of an individual at home in the evening using their smartphone to apply for a new role and to purchase a product on Amazon. How satisfied will this individual be waiting over 24 hours for a response on their job application versus the instant gratification as a shopper? Thinking No-shore changes this dynamic for talent professionals. It’s about leveraging technology and resources, irrespective of their location, to align the quality of experiences and interactions.

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