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Risk Mitigation in Assessments | White Paper

The Silent Threat of CV Fraud

In this whitepaper, we take a more granular look at CV fraud, discussing the phenomenon in general, the different types of fraud committed, as well as the industries, geographies, and professionals affected. The paper also explores the impact of CV fraud to recruiters and to the entire recruitment process, as well as looks at the HR technologies available in the market, and more.

This report includes responses from a survey we conducted of recruiters providing services for various geographies, sectors, and professional levels. We also feature the thoughts of some talented people from Alexander Mann Solutions’ executive search, RPO, and technology arms. They share their areas of expertise such as screening best practices and technological advancement plans.

This paper is designed to give readers access to some of the most interesting ideas and developments in candidate screening, which may ultimately help build a recruitment team’s credibility and maintain a strong recruiter-client relationship.



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