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Assessment and Selection

Assessment and Selection

The Enemy Within

Why assessment processes may be sabotaging the candidate experience

The phrase ‘Consumer Grade Candidate Experience’ will become a mainstay need in talent from 2017 onwards.

A recent analysis by CEB revealed that nearly 20 per cent of jobseekers have stopped purchasing entirely from a brand as a result of bad candidate experience, with an incredible 83 per cent sharing their poor experiences with friends and family. 

Assessment is no longer a test, but an experience-led decision making process. World renowned brands such as Amazon, Spotify, Booking.com, AirBnB and Uber have transformed our experience as consumers, and subsequently raised the bar in terms of our expectations of the on-line experience.

The Prime Rule
Assessment is not a standalone part of the candidate's journey, it should be embedded throughout the entire hiring process. So, how do you implement an assessment strategy that is robust, positively reflects your employer brand and creates an excellent candidate experience all while ensuring that the right person is hired for the right role, at the right time?

Download our white paper where we highlight best practices and winning approaches of how organisations around the world bring innovation, better candidate engagement and greater relevance to their assessment strategies through a series of in-depth interviews with senior talent specialists at the likes of Barclaycard, Deloitte, Electrocomponents and Santander.

Case Study: Implementing technology for a global energy client

A global energy client used Alexander Mann Solutions to integrate CRM into their existing PeopleFluent system without disrupting other services.

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