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Talent Acquisition’s Digital Transformation | Webcast

Building the Roadmap & Navigating the Tech Landscape

In this timely webcast, now available on demand, analyst and author Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research, a leader in talent acquisition and engagement research, and Annie Hammer, our Head of Technology & Operations Consulting in the Americas, join forces to help session downloaders understand the current state of digital adoption, construct a roadmap for their digital transformation, and navigate a complex technology landscape.

Providing relevant background into their recent joint research report, Digital Transformation in Talent Acquisition, the two share a look at the methodology that went into their survey and analysis of over 600 global organizations across a wide range of industries and company sizes.

Picking up from here, they build upon the insights unveiled in the study and use them as the foundation to provide organisations with practical steps to embrace the digital technology needed to solve the hiring challenges of today, and to build the infrastructure necessary to adapt quickly to the pressures of tomorrow.

As more and more business leaders recognize the impact of digital transformation, this presentation has value for talent acquisition functions at any stage of the digital journey: deep into their own transformation, or just getting started.

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Our experts discuss..

Research Overview & Methodology
Why, What and How..


The Current State of Digital Adoption
Where talent acquisition stands…

Considerations & Building a Roadmap
What works, what doesn’t and getting going…


Navigating the Technology Landscape
Overcoming the overwhelming…


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