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Research Reveals Talent Shortages are Hindering Digital Transformation Success

Research Reveals Talent Shortages are Hindering Digital Transformation Success

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A lack of skilled resources and budget constraints are preventing businesses from reaping the full benefits of digital transformation strategies.

According to an independent survey carried out by Aptitude Research on behalf of Alexander Mann Solutions, despite evidence that companies with a digital transformation strategy are twice as likely to improve performance, staff retention and quality of hire, one in four firms still have no plans in place.

Responses from those surveyed suggest that the greatest barriers to advancing much-needed digital transformation requirements are a lack of skills and budget constraints. Only 32 percent of respondents stated they had the internal resources they need and just 26 percent claimed to have the budgets necessary to implement digital transformation.

The 2019 Talent Acquisition survey further revealed that those with a robust digital transformation program were three times more likely to improve the candidate experience – a staple of successful talent strategies in the current economy.

Annie Hammer, Head of Technology and Operations Consulting at Alexander Mann Solutions, commented, “The future of talent acquisition is digital. To compete for top talent across all industries and to meet the expectations of talent pools, companies need to embrace digital technology and build the infrastructure necessary to adapt in this quickly evolving environment. The business case for developing and implementing a robust strategy is there, but without the financial backing and resources required, organizations are missing out on a wealth of benefits.”

She continued, “The pressure for digital transformation is mounting and companies need to begin to shift their mindset and create a new conversation that extends beyond just technology. Too often the tech itself is the focus and the role of change management or the impact of existing services in such transformation is ignored.”

Talent acquisition expert and Founder, Aptitude Research, Madeline Laurano, stated, “Digital transformation is a priority; yet, many talent acquisition leaders are not sure where to start or what solutions to consider. This report highlights the current state of digital transformation in talent acquisition and provides a framework for companies at any stage of their digital journey.”

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