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Going Digital is the Future of Online Candidate Assessment

Alexander Mann Solutions and SOVA Assessment Outline New Technologies and Processes to Help Companies Improve Their Assessment of Candidates

8th Mar 2017

Hiring the best talent is critical to driving business results, with effective candidate assessment strategies being necessary to identify the right people, for the right role, at the right time. The world of assessment is undergoing a major transformation, as the definition of ‘employee’ evolves and driving a positive candidate experience takes center stage. New technologies, from apps, to big data platforms, to gamification, are increasing efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately enhancing the overall recruitment process.

“We’re witnessing a rapid transformation of talent acquisition to adapt to a growing expectation from candidates for a personalized, consumer-grade experience,” said Jeremy Tipper, Managing Director of Talent Collective, an Alexander Mann Solutions company. “That promise is now becoming a reality with the development of innovative technologies available to talent acquisition teams. Think Apple Genius for recruitment—‘If you like this role, you might also like….’”

Recently, consultants from Alexander Mann Solutions, Talent Collective and SOVA Assessment held a seminar in New York to discuss the future of assessment in the digital age. In the session, talent acquisition experts provided insight into what these changes mean for organizations as they implement an effective candidate assessment strategy. They provided three takeaways for how organizations can get ahead of the curve: 

  • Today’s assessment strategies must be built for mobile platforms that provide a vastly superior candidate experience compared to traditional assessment . Page Up People, a leading talent technology provider, sees nearly 40% of applications being made via mobile  today, and predicts this could  reach 80-90% by 2020
  • Companies must put an emphasis on assessing candidates for skills that will become more important in the coming years: complex problem solving and creativity; emotional intelligence and resilience; and cognitive and behavioral flexibility
  • Digital Assessment Centers will enable a consistent and enjoyable experience for candidates and hiring managers alike, reduce inefficiency, improve accuracy, and enable analytics throughout the process to provide clearer talent management insight

“Traditional assessments simply aren’t delivering the kind of insights that hiring companies need to learn about candidates, nor are they delivering an engaging experience that high-quality candidates demand,” said Dr. Alan Bourne, Managing Director, SOVA Assessment. “There is a huge demand for online assessment tools that are globally relevant and inclusive, mobile-enabled, personalized and, most importantly, deliver a comprehensive view of each candidate’s skills and personal attributes that are relevant to the job they’re applying for.” 


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