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Direct Sourcing Solutions Leading the Way in Contingent Hiring

Direct Sourcing Solutions Leading the Way in Contingent Hiring

5th Sep 2019

Direct sourcing solutions, enabling companies to directly source & engage contingent workers.
This model is becoming widely accepted as best practice among talent acquisition executives in North America.

Mark Jones, Senior Vice President, Americas, at Alexander Mann Solutions commented:

“50% of workers are projected to be non-permanent by 2030. The changing composition of the workforce, along with tightening labor markets, and increased competition for qualified talent, are disrupting organizations and forcing them to challenge the status quo when it comes to talent acquisition. To stay ahead of the seismic shifts in attracting, engaging, and retaining talent to meet strategic objectives, businesses are embracing the value in directly sourcing, engaging and nurturing a community of contingent workers.”

Alexander Mann Solutions is the forerunner of the Direct Sourcing model, having successfully implemented it in the U.K. and Europe over the last two decades.  Tailoring this model for the North American market, building upon its deep expertise in talent acquisition and contingent hiring, is gaining significant traction in the region, according to the company.  

Jones continued:

“As pioneers of the Direct Sourcing model, what really sets us apart is our exceptional candidate curation. It leverages our award-winning Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) heritage, applying it to the contingent model. With several of our clients already engaged in a Total Talent strategy, we can provide unique insights into executing a blend of permanent and non-permanent hiring, ensuring that the broadened talent pool is accessible to all within an organization. We also work with our clients to customize a technology stack for their needs, drawing from our partnerships with over 100+ technology providers to make sure the best tools are deployed for speed, discipline, and insight, enabling a successful delivery.”

Coupled with research and insight into factors that may influence specific elements of the labor market, Alexander Mann Solutions has an unprecedented view of supply and demand, availability, pay trends, influencers, and competitiveness for talent in the market broken down by skill sets and locations. 

A typical Direct Sourcing solution would cover benchmarking, market insights, brand, candidate attraction, engagement and communication, surveys and sentiment gathering, and overall worker experience.

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