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Catalyst Summit 2017 – Event Highlights

Catalyst Summit 2017 – Event Highlights

1st Dec 2017

Alexander Mann Solutions’ Catalyst Summit 2017 saw over 80 HR decision makers, futurists and technologists converge in Singapore for a day of lively discussion and inspiring presentations on trends and wide-ranging industry ideas, and predict future movements in the Human Resources industry. Catalyst Summit is a platform for industry peers to listen, share their views and “find their catalyst” – ultimately aimed at empowering the industry and inspiring organisational change.

Through the Catalyst Summit, Alexander Mann Solutions uncovered the following insights to facilitate 2018 planning for corporations across all industries:
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Future Forecast - Readiness of HR practitioners to Respond Changing Behaviours of Asian Consumers

Deep-diving into the changing behaviour of Asian consumers and therefore candidates, Acacia Leroy, Asia Pacific Trend Strategist of TrendWatching Asia shared how ultra-modern trends and innovation such as on-demand shopping is changing the face of society. The focus on people’s basic needs is evolving, and the model of how organisations think about basic needs must evolve to meet it. Questions asked during her presentation such as ‘Who are the candidates of the future’, and ‘How can we reach and relate to them?’ are emerging and a closer examination of consumer behaviour is required to fully understand this evolution and better utilise the tools available to cope with organisational change.

Acacia Leroy 
(TrendWatching Asia)

Embracing Fear and Opportunity - Impact of AI and Robotics on Talent Acquisition

Our panellists from JobTech, Hirevue, Seagate Technology, and Alexander Mann Solutions examined and dispelled myths around AI, robotic process automation, and the systems that capture data. They debated how AI and advanced analytic capabilities can be used to sense and learn about the current operating environment, then act in the most efficient manner based on the information provided. What can AI and robotics do that recruiters cannot? How are robotics, AI, and analytics moving into the HR process, and are they improving processes and functionality, making recruitment and HR more effective? The panellists concluded that ultimately, technology seeks to improve rather than replace, and needs to be accepted and adopted into broader talent acquisition strategies. 

Charlotte Lim (JobTech)

Darren Jaffrey (Hirevue)

Rachael Pogson (Seagate Technology)

Joy Koh, Tara Knobel 
(Alexander Mann Solutions)

It’s Time to Reinvent Graduate Assessment and Selection

Taking an in-depth look at the future of assessment and the role it contributes to the candidate journey, Dr. Alan Bourne, Managing Director of Sova Assessment, and Caleb Baker, Managing Director, APAC & Emerging Markets of Alexander Mann Solutions examined the assessment process from attraction through to engagement, and ultimately the candidate’s ability to engage with the organisation. Their presentation concluded that a holistic approach to talent management includes the question of where assessment sits in the employee journey, and how an organisation create an experience that is highly engaging from the candidate’s perspective, rather than just from the organisation’s perspective. Consideration points moving forward include global standardisation, the minimum level of digitisation that candidates can expect to see, what device platforms are acceptable in different parts of the world, leveraging collated data from those assessments, and ultimately switching the assessment part of a candidate’s experience from being arduous to being genuinely engaging.

Alan Bourne 
(Sova Assessment)

Caleb Baker 
(Alexander Mann Solutions)

What it means as Millennials move into Managing Positions

The truth is, millennials are here, and in some cases have already been in the workforce for a decade or more and are now moving into management positions. Representatives from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Google, Grvty Media, and Flare Communications discussed how HR practitioners can prepare an organisation for a management shift towards a millennial generation, look at the impact that lack of readiness and insight can have on an organisation not prepared for the ‘confidence’ that millennials bring to the modern workforce? A well-prepared organisation must address digital expectations and requirements of the millennial generation, and look to provide a working environment that will empower the younger generations of talent.

Natalie Tait, Jinny Pang, Trammy Nguyen
(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)

Daniel Wasik (Google)

Johnathan Chua
(Grvty Media)

Benjamin Loh
(Flare Communications)

Do you chat with WeChat? The Power of Messaging Platforms in Recruiting for China

WeChat is far and away the most universal app in China, and is revolutionising the talent acquisition function, from reinventing the referrals process through to delivering customised content, as well as making the candidate journey much closer to a consumer experience. Beecher Ashley-Brown, Senior Vice President of Ajinga, and Eric Zhou, Associate Director – Recruitment Project of GroupM discussed how WeChat has brought brevity to the talent acquisition process, as well as the ability to better analyse and target an audience through curated content that supports the company’s brand. Now more than ever, WeChat is allowing talent management professionals to understand and segment their candidate and deliver relevant key messages.

Beecher Ashley-Brown 

Eric Zhou (GroupM)

What does it mean for 2018?

Looking beyond 2018, Jeremy Tipper, Director of Consulting and Innovation of Alexander Mann Solutions looked into the demographic and social shifts currently hitting organisations, and the fact that a high percentage of companies expect talent shortages to affect their business within the next few years. As a counterpoint, the continued rise of AI and digital transformation will have an increasing impact on the HR industry, and enhance the importance of agile organisations and agile leadership, thus placing more importance on how quickly new technologies are being adopted. So WHAT’S YOUR CATALYST? How could you engage the workforce of the future?

Jeremy Tipper 
(Alexander Mann Solutions)

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