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Sold for £260m

Sold for £260m

The Insider

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Private equity company Graphite Capital has sold recruitment and management services company Alexander Mann Solutions, which has a UK office in Berkshire, for £260m.

Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS) has been acquired by New York-based private equity fund New Mountain Capital.

AMS was founded by chief executive Rosaleen Blair and Graphite backed its management buyout in December 2007. It also supported the acquisition of Capital Consulting.

AMS' net fee income has doubled to £100m in 2012 under Graphite's ownership with staff numbers growing from 900 to 2,000.

AMS' portfolio of clients has also doubled to 65 and includes Rolls-Royce, Deloitte, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Freshfields, Microsoft, Origin Energy, Vodafone, BAE Systems and Novartis.

Blair said: "In partnership with Graphite, Alexander Mann Solutions has become a truly global firm that helps companies to acquire, manage and develop their most talented staff.

"After six years of tremendous support and guidance from Graphite, we are in a very strong position to realise the next stage of our business strategy.”
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