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DACH Region Talent | White Paper

Talent Sourcing at the heart of Europe: Challenges and Opportunities in Germany and the wider DACH region

Germany is, without doubt, the most successful economy on the European continent and also looks set to continue holding its status as one of the most significant economic players on the world stage. And this level of success is, of course, largely based upon the quality of talent at all levels employed by organisations operating within the country.

However, any company looking to boost its presence in this buoyant environment faces both challenges and opportunities when it comes to the sourcing of high quality talent.

In this white paper we will look at the elements that make the German talent marketplace one of the most exciting, as well at times, one of the most difficult in Europe.

Our findings come from research among our extensive network of talent acquisition professionals at companies in the DACH region, in-depth interviews with major employers in the area such as Arla Foods, Lufthansa and MSD and analysis by the leading German business school, Berlin-based ESMT.

Our research explores the region from the vantage points of the following topics

Thin on the ground –a talent landscape defined by skills shortages

- The language challenge

- The inertia factor

- The importance of ‘brand’

- The ‘unique’ competitor –the challenge of the Mittelstand

- Winning the war for talent in the DACH region – some practical suggestions

As in all our white papers we do not set out to provide a prescriptive ‘how to guide’, but instead aim to provide you with information and insight which will help you to create your own individual strategy.

We hope that it proves both interesting and useful.


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