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Employee Value Proposition | Global White Paper 2019

Decoding your value proposition to deliver a meaningful employer brand

What do organisations, the ones that are constantly gracing the ‘World’s best employers list’ do differently? How do they always ensure that they have a strong pool of candidates lining up to work with them? What’s their secret?

In this whitepaper, we seek to answer those questions from the first-person perspective of a key thought leader in this arena. Our content looks to debunk the myth that client and prospect organisations need to ‘create’ an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and discuss ways to build a strong brand, whatever the budget.

Our research explores the region from the vantage points of the following topics:

Debunking the myth on how EVPs are created

- The importance of employer branding 

- Where to begin?

As in all our white papers we do not set out to provide a prescriptive ‘how to guide’, but instead aim to provide you with information and insight which will help you to create your own individual strategy. 

We hope that it proves both interesting and useful.


Case Study: Implementing technology for a global energy client

A global energy client used Alexander Mann Solutions to integrate CRM into their existing PeopleFluent system without disrupting other services.

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