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Catalyst Magazine | Issue 2

In our second edition of Catalyst, we're putting emphasis on our belief that the future of talent acquisition and management lies in integrated strategic thinking.

Catalyst Issue 2 brings to life the importance of looking past interim talent needs to take a long-term and holistic view of the workforce. It’s about Total Workforce Solutions: a challenge and an opportunity for us all.

At Alexander Mann Solutions, we are recognizing the value in blending all talent types, whether permanent or contingent, under one approach, and other influential organisations are beginning to do likewise.

The magazine is packed with content and includes contributions from leading business figures, multinational companies and our own global talent acquisition experts.

Future Proof
One workforce, one big opportunity
Jerry Collier on developing ‘total workforce solutions’ for your business

Embracing the open-talent economy at Deloitte
Laurence Collins explains why workforce strategy should be flexible and holistic

Five steps towards developing an integrated workforce

Practical tips on preparing for the future of work from Philips’ Martin Thomas

Developing a Virtual Service Centre in the US
Virtual contingent workers provide scalability and efficiency

How to be a visionary leader
The distinction between managers and leaders is dissolving

How is the talent market evolving?

Talent acquisition experts offer their views on the changing talent landscape

Stewardship in the new economy
Why connecting your business to society is crucial

Leading in the modern workplace
The CIPD’s  Peter Cheese on why only adaptive leaders will survive

How emotionally intelligent is your business?

Understand the minds and emotions of your people, urges Alain de Botton


Talent Centric
Being bold about gender
Everywoman co-founder Karen Gill on realising gender balance in the workplace

Arianna Huffington on leadership
A focus on wellbeing is crucial to effectiveness

Creating an agile workforce

Practical advice on supporting flexibility for workers

The power of part-time
Laurie Padua provides a personal perspective on flexible working

Make talent your competitive advantage
How the banking and insurance industries are embracing ‘diversity of thought’

GCSC spotlight: Belfast

Celebrating the work and impact of our Belfast Global

Career profile: Brett McCoy
Get to know your peers in our career profile series

Nick Clegg on social mobility
Why it’s time for business to make a difference

The entrepreneurism of APAC

Key market trends, challenges and opportunities of the region


Digital Innovation
Appen’s robot trainer
CEO Mark Brayan explains how the company is applying the human touch to artificial intelligence

Navigating change
How can you promote innovation in a climate of continuous disruption

Transforming assessments with AI

How HireVue is modernizing assessment with video technology

Smart recruitment at Avery Dennison
Implementing a streamlined platform has led to a dramatic rise in job applications

Combining precision and candidate experience in digital assessment
Sova Assessment on evaluating the whole person to identify potential

Developing a global talent acquisition strategy at Verifone

Mike Clarke outlines the strategy to support the acquisition of talented people

Five ways to inspire innovation
Challenge yourself to do things differently

Celebrating our talented people
A selection of Alexander Mann Solutions’ recent recognitions



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