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Santander | Digital Attraction & Social Mobility

Digital Attraction, Increasing Social Mobility

Santander constantly seeks to strengthen its commitment to become more inclusive, and hire more diverse candidates into their Early Careers programme. They engaged with the Consulting arm of Alexander Mann Solutions to develop a brand and attraction solution which meets their criteria.

As a global financial institution dedicated to empowering and educating students around the world, Santander places tremendous value in creating an inclusive workplace of diverse perspectives.

The well established Santander Early Careers programme saw an opportunity to evolve their programme to stand apart competitively among their early careers job seekers. 

With an eye towards improving their social mobility index ranking, they also wanted to alleviate bias and share the authentic stories of their own  diverse employees.

Case Study: Improving Service Quality for Rolls-Royce

We were asked by Rolls-Royce to analyse feedback from their candidates and other stakeholders to improve administration, streamline communication and attain the highest quality standards.

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