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Consistent hiring process for Avis

Consistent hiring process for Avis

Consistent hiring process for Avis

By using technology to create an efficient hiring process Alexander Mann Solutions raised interview invite response rates from 15% to 45% across multiple timezones.

The Challenge

- Candidate engagement is typically in outdoor 'non-office' environments 

- Limited availability to interview during standard office hours

- Inconsistent process across regions, reflecting the client's decentralised HR and country-specific business model


The Solution

Our response was to create a hiring process that worked across different time zones and enabled candidates to be interviewed flexibly, outside of traditional office environments. We integrated HireVue technology across our client's key job families to remove time consuming manual tasks from the hiring process. Alexander Mann Solutions rapidly created a bespoke client-branded HireVue portal in two weeks. We built this around a library of interviews by role, which included core 'culture fit' video questions for all roles regardless of grade and we began a pilot for multi-country Sales Performance Role.

The Result

Our relationship with Avis has grown organically and now supports projects across European operations, UK operations, UK head office and Australia. Our remit includes:  'Always on' hiring across the client's key locations of the UK, Ireland, EMEA and Australia; designing a consistent process for all candidates across all locations; improved candidate experience through branded messaging and the flexibility to interview out of office hours. 

- Interview response rates increased to 45% across multiple time zones, up from 15% value when passive candidates were invited manually 

- 80% pass through to the Hiring Manager, increased from 50% under the manual process

- 70% reduction in administration time per candidate

- Measurably improved candidate experience through post-completion feedback

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