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Fraudulent Employment Offers

Fraudulent Employment Offers

Vigilance in avoiding online fraud

It is important to be vigilant to avoid identity theft, advanced fee fraud and other types of online fraud. Emails and text messages from scammers may have all the appearances of being from a legitimate source.

Alexander Mann Solutions has been notified of fraudulent employment e-mails to prospective candidates, often suggesting work opportunities with some brand name employer or some other opportunity. They may ask you to provide an update to your personal data. These could be accompanied by brochures and contractual documents. The emails and other documents may use the names and photographs of current and former Alexander Mann Solutions employees. If the e-mail you received was unsolicited or you have not had any recent dealings with Alexander Mann Solutions, please use caution.

If you think you have received a fraudulent e-mail, text message, or other communication under the guise of Alexander Mann Solutions, please submit your inquiry via our Contact Us page or reach out directly to alert@alexmann.com.

Careful review of the email, documents and context will in many cases indicate that something is not quite correct based on one or more of, but not limited to, the following indicators.

  • The email address of the sender may not be consistent with an organisation of Alexander Mann Solutions’ size (e.g. underlying Hotmail or Gmail or Yahoo or from some other generic mass market email provider, spelling errors).  All genuine Alexander Mann Solutions emails are from the alexmann.com domain name :
    • Name@alexmann.com
    • Although even this may be faked. In some cases, an inconsistent underlying alternate email address may be visible. Alexander Mann Solutions emails do not have any underlying alternate email address. However, as the sophistication of the scammers develop, it is becoming almost impossible to ascertain any underlying email address as well. So, look out for the other warning signs below.    
  • The e-mail brochures and documents may appear amateurish and not consistent with an organisation of Alexander Mann Solutions’ size or quality. They may also not have the look and feel consistent with our corporate website.
  • The email may require you to click through a link.  Do not click on any links contained in any email that you have been unable to verify as being genuine as you may be forwarded to a site that downloads malware into your device. 
  • The links or contractual documents may require the provision of sensitive personal data or copy documents (e.g. government issued numbers or identity documents, passports or passport numbers, bank account statements or numbers, parent’s data) that may be used for identity fraud. Do not provide or send any such data or copy documents. Alexander Mann Solutions is not likely to require any data beyond that which is necessary to progress a first interview.
  • The contractual documents may require the payment of an advance processing, administration, guarantor or other not insignificant payment which may or may not be described as “refundable” on start or some other unlikely event. This is likely to be an advance fee fraud. Alexander Mann Solutions will never request any fee from any candidate or worker.
  • The opportunity is directed at candidates or workers who are based outside the country of employment without current right to work in the relevant country. Alexander Mann Solutions tends to only approach candidates who already have the right to work in the relevant country or are in the relevant country (on a non-tourist visa) with a reasonable prospect of securing a right to work.
  • They are purportedly from Alexander Mann Solutions employees but the role they are claimed to be in does not match the role that they may identify on their LinkedIn profile       

These are fraudulent.

Note: Alexander Mann Solutions does not sell to individuals any new or used assets (cars, computers, mobile phones, etc), whether ours or a third party’s. Do not send monies or deposits to buy or secure any such assets. 

If you believe that you have received a fraudulent email or text message or other communication, we also recommend that you contact your local fraud enforcement agency.  More general advice is available from Get Safe Online.


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