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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

What do we believe in?

Diversity and Inclusion is at the core of what we believe in, and integral to our success. Talent acquisition is our business. We focus on attracting and retaining the best talent and Alexander Mann Solutions being the best place to work for our employees. We lead and inspire our clients and wider industries at large to understand the value of a diverse workforce.

We ourselves value the diversity of people’s backgrounds, ethnicities, gender, orientation, cognitive and physical abilities, because we know that the combination of people’s personal life experiences will contribute to the success of our company and support the day to day activity.

We understand that this diversity of profiles might create different needs. For this reason, we offer our employees a range of arrangements wherever possible, such as flexible work.

We know that change comes from within and we’re proud of our employees and what they bring to our clients: not only their skills, but valuable individual experiences.

Our stance against racism
We object to the discrimination of people based on race, class, sexuality, gender and ability. We are against any form of discrimination anywhere.

On this basis, creating a thriving environment for our colleagues from Black and Ethnic minorities’ background has always been a key concern in our organisation. We need however to acknowledge that this is not enough.

2020 has been an awakening, where we reflected on the part we play in a systemic problem and the changes we need to initiate.

We pledge to do our part to end inequality and stand against racism.

To be really effective, this will require actions taken in the long term, including a thorough revision of how we operate internally.

Through our combined focus from our strengthened D&I Board, Ethnicity board and Regional D&I committees as well as top management sponsorship, our immediate commitments include:

  • Monitoring our demographics to take actions on our findings, and be transparent about it.
  • Continuing and amplifying our journey of learning, notably through bias awareness, D&I and allyship trainings.
  • Elevating our colleagues’ voices through open forums, employee resource groups and internal channels.
  • Opening uncomfortable conversations, by being transparent on the commitments we need to take, as well as providing space to call out bias and racism.

We recognise that we are only at the beginning of the journey, one which we will take together. We’re determined to take the necessary steps, no matter how uncomfortable, to deliver on these commitments and turn the words into action.


Our partners
We actively champion and partner with key organisations globally. 
These organisations are key advisors in our diverse talent acquisition strategy.
They also support our actions and commitments to causes aligned with our values. 

Valuable 500 2
The Valuable 500
The Valuable 500 is an organisation that aims to gain support of 500 national and global businesses to make a formal commitment and be the tipping-point for change to unlock the business, social and economic value of people living with disabilities across the world.

Our Valuable 500 commitments.

We want to inspire our clients to understand the value people who are living with disabilities can bring into the workforce. To underpin this, we are committed to the following for 2020:

  • Broadening our relationship with our partner the Business Disability Forum, to ensure that we are making the right impact to include and support all employees, candidates and clients equally including those living with disabilities, across all geographical regions
  • Making reasonable adjustments to ensure that our current and future talent who may be living with a disability are provided with the same breadth of opportunity as employees and candidates without disability
  • Seeking other avenues to attract and retain talented people who are living with disabilities and engage our clients with this audience
  • Continuing to look for opportunities, together with our Board and C-suite executives, to ensure we provide an enriching experience and enable internal or external progress to our employees living with disabilities.


Recruit for Spouses
Recruit for Spouses
Recruit for Spouses is an award winning social enterprise that works with a unique talent pool of military wives and partners who, due to their serving partners military service, are opting for home or remote based assignments. With them, we are running The Liquid Academy, a programme that trains military spouses looking at reignite their careers and wanting flexible working arrangements.​​

Business Disability Forum
The Business Disability Forum
Our membership of the Business Disability Forum provides us with access to a great source of support for supporting existing disabled talent as well as continuing to recruit new disabled talent in to Alexander Mann Solutions . We are also partnering with the Business Disability Forum as part of their Global Task Force think tank where ourselves and other world-wide businesses can truly influence initiatives supported by the BDF to enable company disability strategies to have an international focus rather than being UK-centric.



Auticon is a business providing analytics, data and IT to support employees, candidates and workers on the autism spectrum. Collaboration with this fantastic organization will enable us to support Alexander Mann Solutions in the recruitment of cognitively diverse individuals and tap into the amazing skills of autistic people.

Girls NetworkGirls Network
The Girls Network mission is to inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a mentor and a network of professional female role models.

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