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Opportunity to give back to your Alma Mater

Opportunity to give back to your Alma Mater

Sharene Neri

Lead Specialist, Recruitment Admin 2016年12月20日

Alexander Mann Solutions Campus Leaders Connect

I was thrilled when I got an email from Mikko, Resource Specialist from Talent Acquisition, requesting me to participate in the upcoming Campus Leaders Connect which is a company initiated event. Our Talent Acquisition team launched this project with the objective to partner with prestigious educational institutions that would sustain the organisation’s long term strategy. We are very honored to have our very first Campus Leaders Connect which will be attended by various schools.

I can recall that Mikko stated in the email that they are asking me for a small “favor” when in fact I really felt that it is the other way around. I have been with Alexander Mann Solutions for roughly around 3 years now and I admit that this is one of the events that I can’t really afford to miss. Why? Simply because I always thought of ways on how I can give back to my Alma Mater and sad to say my busy and hectic schedule has always been an obstacle. 

As such, I told myself that I’d like to be well-prepared for this event. Nights before the date, I reflected how I am sincerely grateful to my Alma Mater, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, for providing excellent education and making sure that all students are equipped to grow successfully in life. As an alumna, I’d like to be proud that true to the mission and vision of my alma mater, I am very pleased with the experiences and learnings that Alexander Mann Solutions has provided thus far. The organisation has also given me challenges that kept me craving for more wins and realisations. 

As part of my preparation, I made an artwork with a modern twist and really maximised the use of hashtags. I also inserted photos of my beautiful colleagues, friends and family. Though it was just a simple illustration, I’d like to make a very sincere testimonial to echo how thankful I am to both Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and Alexander Mann Solutions so I highlighted the things I’d like to focus on using hashtags.

Sneak peek to the artwork I prepared for the event.

Eventually, when the date kicked in, November 9 to be specific, I was ecstatic when both James, one of my dear colleagues who is a Sourcing Specialist, and I were instructed to proceed to Tower Club for the event. We quickly went inside the conference room and as I entered the venue, I scanned the faces and tried to look for familiar campus folks. The crowd was so diverse and we met different campus personalities starting from Vice President, faculty, guidance counselor and of course – student leader. 

The first part of the event was very informative as both Ms. Patty, Human Resources Senior Manager and Christian, Performance Manager, discussed the objectives of the event, what Alexander Mann Solutions really is as an organisation, where we are in the industry and our achievements as a company. For me, I believe their presentation was an eye-opener for everyone as it clearly explains how Alexander Mann Solutions is different from recruitment agencies and how we stand out in the RPOS industry. After that, James was then introduced to provide testimonial. I was really stunned at how James made his speech very engaging to the campus leaders. 

Finally, my turn – I felt kinda awkward as I came in front of the audience even if I was not introduced yet – very excited to put it in 2 words. I started with a short introduction and showed them the masterpiece I did. I went through the hashtags starting from my life as a proud Isko up until my wonderful journey in Alexander Mann Solutions. One of the humble brags I shared was the way Alexander Mann Solutions values work-life balance. This is one of the things we usually overlook and I am just amazed at how our very own CEO, Rosaleen Blair, sent an email to all Alexander Mann Solutions employees with the hashtag #timetorebalance. This campaign is a reminder to everyone to go home on time. I shared to everyone that during that night, my colleagues and I committed to the campaign so after shift, we treated ourselves – we wined, dined and just chilled out. 

Moreover, I was bragging about how incredible Alexander Mann Solutions was in terms of employee engagement. I showed them the pictures of the events I attended – not all by the way as it would not fit in the illustration board. Looking back, I’ve already attended 3 mid-year events, 2 year-end parties and for the record my daughter has been trick or treating in Alexander Mann Solutions for 3 times in a row – without any misses. 

To cap off the event, our very awesome Country Manager, Kevin Urrutia, took over and summarised the discussion. He highlighted the objectives of the Campus Leaders Connect and how it would positively impact both Alexander Mann Solutions and the prestigious universities. Right after, there were networking sessions held at the lounge to accommodate further questions of the Campus Leaders. 

Both James and I were thankful that we were given the opportunity to partake in this very meaningful project spearheaded by Manila Talent Acquisition team. An exhausting day indeed but glad as to how successful the event turned out. For me, this is one of the ways we can do to give back to our Alma Mater. I believe that this is just the beginning and I’m feeling positive to see how Alexander Mann Solutions would nail this project!