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Project RPO

Full process management for ramps in hiring

Quick to contract and implement, Project RPO provides many of the benefits of our Enterprise RPO solution - but for a defined hiring category and a fixed period of time. Our global experience enables us to deliver talent acquisition and management wherever you need it, such as in emerging markets like China and the Middle East.

Delivered over a short-term period - typically between 3 and 12 months - Project RPO is designed for those ramps in hiring where you need additional capability. Whether you're building a new call centre, opening a new R&D site or even hiring for a new retail store, Project RPO could be the ideal solution for your business.

Full outsourcing for short-term projects

While the timescale may be short, the experience benefits are extensive. Leveraging all the best practice from our Enterprise RPO solutions - and with access to our own distinctive and passionate talent - Project RPO delivers to your hiring needs. Your dedicated team from Alexander Mann Solutions encompasses talent acquisition and management experts, skilled in sourcing and administration.

We work with your brand as we hire for your project. Our Project RPO solution has been carefully developed over 5 years to use your employer brand and, where possible, your technology. This helps us ensure you have  sustainable benefits following the project, including a larger qualified talent pool and enhanced employer brand awareness.


Case Study: Early Careers Recruitment

We were engaged in September of 2014 to manage Rolls-Royce’s ECR attraction and recruitment campaign across China, India and Singapore. To review and revise campaigns, aligned to global requirements and to address previously identified in region brand concerns

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Case Study: Executive sourcing for telecommunications company

Alexander Mann Solutions used an innovative 'in-sourcing' model to enhance a major telecommunications company’s executive talent sourcing at a transparent and manageable rate.

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Case Study: Consistent hiring process for Avis

A global technology solution from Alexander Mann Solutions creates an efficient hiring process for Avis and increases interview response rates to 45%.

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Case Study: End-to-end programme for a leading bank

A unique outsourced workforce solution from Alexander Mann Solutions delivered £2.8 million in cost savings through an on-site and off-site delivery model.

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