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Project RPO

Project RPO

Supporting in-house teams with flexible hiring models.

While Alexander Mann Solutions is globally recognized for full lifecycle outsourcing programs, we also provide scalable project support to in-house teams. Whether you have the urgent need to scale, you’re entering new markets, forecasting major business growth, going through an acquisition, tackling hard to fill roles in the face of talent shortages, or all of the above, hiring isn’t easy...

We're positioned to support YOU via a range of flexible models.

Dedicated recruitment support.

We can provide qualified, vetted recruiters at a moment’s notice to add capacity to teams on a project basis, either locally to your business or virtually. As an extension of your team, they are able to hit the ground running.

Scalable sourcing.

If your team lacks bandwidth to proactively source or if candidates are proving hard to find, our service provides qualified, interested and available talent on demand. We source, screen and identify potential candidates via our expert teams, using best in class sourcing technologies and experienced sourcers who can scale at short notice for as long or as little time as you need.


Our offerings are defined by…

  • EXPERIENCE. We’ve supported over 100 in-house functions across all sectors: we know what works and advise our clients on outcomes
  • FLEXIBILITY. Projects have ranged from <10 to over 1,000 hires
  • TECHNOLOGY. We have access to multiple candidate sourcing technologies, aligned by target functions and markets, improving engagement rates and reducing fixed client costs
  • SPEED. We can go live in days, not months
  • QUALITY. Our teams are experts who hit the ground running
  • PARTNER. NOT VENDOR. All the way down to data, which is owned by you – the client – all activity is delivered in your brand and in line with your unique culture
  • COST. Tailored offerings doesn’t mean expensive – ours result in 30-50% saving compared to staffing firms

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Results delivered.

“No matter what you throw at them they catch it, run with it and execute, and always with a smile.”

Manager, multinational industrial conglomerate

“The process has been quick, accessible, visible and supported by superb communication with all concerned; it has been exemplary.”

Hiring Manager, one of the world’s largest defense companies

“Love it! Very Google!’

Head of Talent Acquisition, global sports apparel


What will YOU say about our amazing results?

Click the quick button below and we will be in touch promptly (or click the 'Get in Touch' button above to provide more thorough contact and background information)

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Case Study: Early Careers Recruitment

We were engaged in September of 2014 to manage Rolls-Royce’s ECR attraction and recruitment campaign across China, India and Singapore. To review and revise campaigns, aligned to global requirements and to address previously identified in region brand concerns

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Case Study: Executive sourcing for telecommunications company

Alexander Mann Solutions used an innovative 'in-sourcing' model to enhance a major telecommunications company’s executive talent sourcing at a transparent and manageable rate.

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Case Study: Consistent hiring process for Avis

A global technology solution from Alexander Mann Solutions creates an efficient hiring process for Avis and increases interview response rates to 45%.

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Case Study: End-to-end programme for a leading bank

A unique outsourced workforce solution from Alexander Mann Solutions delivered £2.8 million in cost savings through an on-site and off-site delivery model.

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