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Marketing & Attraction

Marketing & Attraction

Campaigns that attract the best

A distinctive brand, delivered in an innovative fashion across multiple channels, can secure the very best talent. This is crucial in the highly competitive campus and school leaver marketplace. Our employer brand experts partner with you, incorporating the latest trends and target audience preferences into your marketing and attraction campaign. Access our global expertise as a standalone service or as part of an integrated end-to-end campus and school leaver solution.

Working across more than 80 countries, we have deep knowledge in different campus and school leaver markets. We know what works and where.

With specialist teams based across every continent, we’re able to support you to attract the very best candidates for your organisation's needs. Our support can be as extensive as working on a total marketing and attraction strategy or as specific as supporting you with a new campaign.

Passionate about branding

Over 100 branding experts make up our marketing and attraction team. With access to a deep associate network, we can offer capabilities in research, digital, social, mobile and on-campus marketing techniques. Our goal is to help our clients bring their value propositions to life in distinctive, innovative and authentic ways, for example:

  • Interactive mobile optimised careers websites
  • Gamification campaigns
  • Social media optimisation
  • Campus recruitment event design and management

Delivering authentic value propositions

Our work often starts with tailored research programmes. These help our clients to understand target audiences even more closely. From their perception of your employer brand to their career preferences, drivers and behaviours. We can also identify the right academic institutions and geographies for your hiring requirements. We take all of these insights into our strategic thinking, helping you to form and refine your value proposition and plan an impactful campaign.

The next step is to make your value proposition live through a range of communication tools. From mobile optimised websites to brochures and from social media to on campus activity - it's all about creating content and authentic experiences that share your organisation's story.

We help you pick the right channels, on or off campus, and can manage them on your behalf where required. Why not let us handle campus presentations and careers fair attendance so your team can focus on engaging with careers services and students?

Case Study: Attracting graduates for Atos

Alexander Mann Solutions turned what graduate candidates didn't know about Atos into a positive engagement message, through an engaging branded game.

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