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Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Excellence that scales

Each year we manage over 120,000 campus and school leaver applications - leading to over 4000 hires. In the process we've developed the most advanced global outsourced solution for managing talent acquisition campaigns in this marketplace. Our global team of over 120 campus and school leaver experts provide a totally scalable resource model, helping you deal with activity spikes typical to campus, apprentice and school leaver campaigns.

Clients choose us for our experience in the campus and school leaver market, where we manage campaigns both locally and globally. Our unique infrastructure enables us to focus on delivering amazing experiences for candidates and stakeholders as they engage with the service.

Flexible management solutions

Campaigns can vary considerably in size. Whether it's for 10 hires in an international high potential graduate programme or for hundreds of hires in just one country, we're well equipped to support your specific needs.

We offer such flexible support because of the dedicated team we put in place for you. They really get to know your organisation, your brand and your ideal candidate profile. By flexing and scaling this team, to suit your hiring volumes, we ensure you have the right resources that help you leap ahead of your competition.

Our team consists of former in-house campus talent acquisition and management professionals, as well as specialists we’ve developed and grown internally. Depending on your needs, they can work with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) you currently have implemented or help you select and optimise the right technology solution, drawing upon our technology consulting capability.

Efficient and tailored outsourcing

Candidate management must be effective and high quality, therefore we have developed efficient processes that candidates consistently rank very highly in satisfaction research. Where required, we’ll bring our assessment consulting experts in too. They select leading assessment tools, or design them, to ensure we accurately identify best fit candidates for you.

The model we put in place is tailored to the elements of the process you’d like to outsource and highly customisable.

For many clients, candidate engagement and campaign management begins before they apply to you. Our approach includes all the key processing elements in recruitment, but will also extend to supporting on boarding and offer management, underpinned by tailored communication plans to all your passive and active candidates. Ask us how we can create excellent campaign management that scales for your organisation.


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