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See yourself in our culture

We are fiercely proud of our culture here at Alexander Mann Solutions. This culture comes to life through our core values, which are so much more than a set of glossy posters around the office. Our core values define who we are as an organisation and how we want to be remembered.

Diversity and inclusion is integral to our success. We believe that a wide range of experiences creates a more dynamic, inclusive culture and helps us serve our clients better. Our Diversity & Inclusion Board, sponsored by our CEO, brings together people from a variety of backgrounds to ensure we continue to improve our diversity and inclusion programmes. We also maintain a network of employee-led network groups who are tasked to address specific areas of diversity.

Meanwhile, our training programmes help our leadership teams support an inclusive culture across the world. They also ensure our client teams are fully equipped to support our clients in their own diversity and inclusion strategies. 

When we speak to people about joining our organisation, we look first for people who reflect our values in their everyday behaviour. If these values resonate with you, then you may find you are a great fit for a career with us. Do you see yourself in our values?


Do you stand out from your colleagues? Will I remember you when you leave today? Being DISTINCTIVE, both from our competitors and also from each other is important. We never set out to be bland. We want to make an impact in everything we do and make a real difference to everyone we meet.


Do I believe what you're saying is what you truly think? Do you deliver your opinions with confidence and candour? Being AUTHENTIC and true to ourselves is, we believe, what makes us trusted partners to our clients and to each other.


Do you genuinely care about what you are doing? Do you deliver your work with conviction, refusing to settle for second best? We want our team to be PASSIONATE about what they do, with pride in delivering their very best because it’s important to them, not just to us.


Are you comfortable challenging the way things are done? Are you willing to take calculated risks to move forward? It's incredibly important that our people have the strength to make BRAVE decisions, try something new or put forward an idea. Bravery is the basis of all of our innovation. Find out more about our values and culture in About Us.

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