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Employer Brand & Candidate Experience

Employer Brand & Candidate Experience

Deliver candidate experiences that enhance your brand

Good things happen when an employer brand connects with its intended audience. You attract great talent. Candidates are engaged and enthusiastic. They know working with your organisation would be a fulfilling experience. And you retain people you already employ because they believe in your mission.

In today’s connected world experiences - good and bad - are shared in just a few choice words on social media. So it’s crucial you deliver authentic, positive candidate experiences. From the initial job posting, then every time you engage with a candidate in the talent acquisition process. Fail and you could face difficulty attracting the high-performing talent you need to succeed.

That's where our employer brand and candidate experience experts come in. They specialise in creating brands and associated experiences that help you find, attract and nurture top talent.

Flexible services

Our services can be delivered as a standalone offering, or as part of a broader relationship with the in-depth knowledge and insight only an embedded team can deliver.

Our award-winning team totaling close to 100 people work with clients to build creative branding programs that are rooted in market research and competitive intelligence. We research, plan and buy media globally and across every platform: search engines, social media, outdoor and ambient media, mobile, digital, game-based providers and traditional press.

Media buyers

We negotiate our own central contracts with job boards and media providers. So our on-site experts can buy everything from large annual contracts through to single postings on niche society websites. Our objective is to secure media that will deliver the best results, and then negotiate the best possible cost and level of service on behalf of our clients.

Dedicated creatives

Many employer brand consultancies have limited in-house creative capabilities. Not us. Our creative team delivers a high level of dedicated creative and digital resource - on a global scale. Our account management teams work with our creative and digital teams, creating briefs for campaigns and solutions that deliver results.

Project leads

All of this expertise is underpinned by our project management team. They keep track of the moving parts of every programme and see that a seamless solution is delivered - on-time and to budget.

Of course, brands are worth nothing if they fall short of their promise to candidates. That’s why we can also help you measure the power of your candidate experience. This helps you identify your strengths, as well as your weak links. The result is a comprehensive assessment of how well your brand promise meets your candidates’ expectations.

CandE Winners


We are thrilled to be honoured as a top provider of Candidate Experience in EMEA.

The award was administered by the Talent Board, the first non-profit organisation in Talent Acquisition & Management which sets benchmarks and best practices across large organisations globally in assessing the experience they are providing to candidates when applying for new roles.

Each year, participating companies survey over 100,000 employment candidates - including internal mobility applicants,  and new organisational applicants - whether successful or not in attaining the role,  to assess their experience during the talent acquisition process. This rigorous, transparent, scientifically-supported data capture enables companies including Alexander Mann Solutions to benchmark and understand how we’re doing internally, and relative to the rest of the industry.

People are at the heart of everything we do. And we strive to understand what candidates of all demographics would like to experience when applying for something as personal and important as a new job, whether it be with us or one of our many blue-chip clients. 


Case Study: Creating a careers website for the Royal Bank of Scotland

As one of the best known names in UK banking, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) partnered with Alexander Mann Solutions to re-establish its position as an employer of choice. Part of our solution was a responsive careers website that emphasises the unique opportunities our client offers through its six brands.

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